Atomic Mass Preview Second Wave For Marvel: Crisis Protocol

September 18, 2019 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has previewed the second wave of releases coming your way for Marvel: Crisis Protocol which is going to be coming your way towards the tail end of this year. We're seeing some cool heroes and villains enter the mix!

Black Panther - Atomic Mass Games

Leading the way we're going to have the absolutely awesome looking Black Panther. I think they have captured the primal intensity of Black Panther amazingly well here, crouched down in a superhero landing as he gets ready to slice and dice his foes with those vibranium claws.

Matched against him we're going to have the villainous Killmonger.

Killmonger - Atomic Mass Games

So, if you're looking to play out the fighting between Black Panther and Killmonger in Wakanda on some stunningly nice tabletops then you now have the chance to do so! I think the miniatures are looking very cool indeed and that's not just because I'm a bit of a Marvel fanboy.

Keeping with the theme of Wakanda we've also got some additional characters to fight alongside Black Panther against Killmonger. Here we have Shuri with her wrist blasters...

Shuri - Atomic Mass Games

...and one of Black Panther's loyal followers, Okoye. It's cool that they have been looking to the cinematic universe for inspiration when it comes to designing the characters but also bringing in influences from the comic books at the same time. It shows the breadth that Atomic Mass Games have to work with when it comes to the game.

Okoye - Atomic Mass Games

This second wave then finishes off with a foe for Spider-Man in the form of Venom!

Venom - Atomic Mass Games

Now that is an awesome model for Venom! I love that we're getting him so early and whilst he could obviously fit in alongside Doctor Octopus as a villain he might also be a good anti-hero to throw into the mix alongside Spider-Man for some teaming up!

Crisis Protocol lets you mix and match as much as you want so feel free to throw these heroes and villains together in whatever way suits you!

If you're interested in more on Crisis Protocol I did pull together a preview of the rules HERE which you can download for yourself HERE.

Are you going to be diving into Marvel: Crisis Protocol?

"If you're interested in more on Crisis Protocol I did pull together a preview of the rules..."

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