Bad Roll’s New Punkapocalyptic Crew, The Irradiated!

October 1, 2019 by brennon

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Bad Roll Games has been previewing a new crew that is going to be rolling into the wasteland for Punkapocalyptic soon. Here we have a first look at The Irradiated in all of their mutated glory.

Irradiated Teaser #1 - Punkapocalyptic

There is certainly an ecclesiastical tone and style to this new range with lots of focus on religious imagery, twisted to fit into the apocalyptic future that they find themselves a part of. You can see it pretty clearly in this next piece of concept art.

Irradiated Teaser #2 - Punkapocalyptic

Sometimes you just got to roll with the punches in the apocalypse and if life gives you poisonous irradiated lemons, eat them and start worshipping the toxic goo that leeks into your bedroom at night.

One of my favourite pieces of concept art was for this fellow here who has gone all Medieval in the post-apocalypse.

Irradiated Teaser #3 - Punkapocalyptic

I love the idea of a warrior who thought about arming himself like an ancient warrior (in his world anyway) and getting up close and personal with the enemy. I'd love to see the kind of tabletops people would build to match this faction. Perhaps a ruined church which has been turned into a place to worship the new god?

What do you make of these new concept pieces for Punkapocalyptic?

"I'd love to see the kind of tabletops people would build to match this faction..."

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