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Ride Into Punkapocalyptic With New Biker, Spark


The Punkapocalyptic world by Bad Roll Games has got itself a new post-apocalypse survivor in the form of Spark this week.

Two New Punkapocalyptic Releases Hit The Bad Roll Games Wasteland


Bad Roll Games has added two new releases for this month to their webstore. You will be able to add both this Gear and Igni to Punkapocalyptic to help beef up your warband.

Bad Roll Games Set Things On Fire In Punkapocalyptic


The Gasoline Pack brings two new characters to the wasteland of the Punkapocalyptic world with a love of fire and fuel. It seems rather apt I’d say to enjoy both those things.

Bad Roll Send Two New Releases Into Their Punkapocalyptic World


Bad Roll Games have two new December releases now available on their webstore for the strange world of Punkapocalyptic.

Bad Roll Games Preview WiP Work On Punkapocalyptic


Bad Roll Games have shown off a selection of the render work beginning on the expansion to Punkapocalyptic after the successful Kickstarter campaign.

Weekender XLBS: Time Commanders Returns & Armored Core Comes To Kickstarter


We delve into our Hobby Time this week
and work out if we’d be good
battlefield generals!

Help Fund The Black Blood Children For Punkapocalyptic


Welcome to Punkapocalyptic where the Black Blood Children are coming forth to claim the wasteland on Kickstarter.

RN EStudio Bring Crazy Mel To Life For Bad Roll’s Punkapocalyptic


RN EStudio have created another character for the wasteland of the future that is prophesied in Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic. Here we have the dangerous looking Crazy Mel who appears to be begging for a good fight to get started.

Weekender XLBS: Enhancing Your Gaming & Tweaking The Rules


Welcome to a relaxed Sunday
morning where we’re discussing
some more of the news
from this week and looking
at how you might both
enhance your games
AND your gaming

Bad Roll Games Introduce A Pizza Loving Turtle To Punkapocalyptic


Bad Roll Games have shared a few preview images of what their new Mutard Wasteland Turtle looks like for Punkapocalyptic. See what you make of this dangerous looking individual who is wandering the wasteland looking for pizza…

Meet The From Wasteland Survivors By RN EStudios


If you’re interested in picking up a varied mix of characters for use on the tabletop in your post-apocalyptic games then see what you make of these From Wasteland miniatures by RN EStudios. Which of them would you trust to be your buddy in the barrens?

The Flamekeeper Steps Up To Chant In Punkapocalyptic


The final model from the RN Estudios collaboration with Bad Roll Games for Punkapocalyptic is the Flamekeeper of the Black Blood Children. This big bad is going to set the bad lands on fire with his fury unless gangs can stop him…

Go Hunting With Punkapocalyptic’s Junker Gear


Bad Roll Games have some more previews of their work alongside RN EStudios for Punkapocalyptic. Here we have another of the Junkers and a Gear with rifle ready to start sniping people from afar. He also likes to load it with custom bullets which could do all sorts of damage.

The Rednecks Start Scrapping In Punkapocalyptic


The Mutards are starting to get a bit more dangerous and wasteland travellers should beware of what’s over the next radiated hill. See what you think of this Redneck Mutard with a literal axe to grind in Punkapocalyptic by Bad Roll Games…

Explore The Wastes With Bad Roll Games’ Crazy Mel


Bad Roll Games have now added the rather awesome Crazy Mel to their webstore for the wasteland adventures of Punkapocalyptic. See what you think of him with his trusty hound…

Punkapocalyptic’s Junkers Put Crowbars To Good Use


Another of the new reinforcements for Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic has made herself known. This Junker, made in cooperation with RN EStudios looks like she isn’t afraid of heading off into the contaminated wasteland in search of some food salvage…

A Wild Beast Runs Rampant In Punkapocalyptic


Punkapocalyptic’s Bad Roll Games are continuing their partnership with RN EStudios to bring out a range of wasteland survivors and monsters. This week the focus is on monsters with the coming of the Mongrelmorph!

Bad Roll Teams Up With RN EStudios For Punkapocalyptic Wastelanders


Bad Roll Games have teamed up with RN EStudios to bring a series of additional wasteland survivors to their game, Punkapocalyptic. So far they have previewed two renders and they’re looking rather bad ass already…

Punkapocalyptic Channels The Madness With Crazy Mel


Bad Roll Games have nearly finished another of their miniatures for Punkapocalyptic. Since the video game is out now, but of course bearing no resemblance to the character, this fits in nicely. See what you think of Crazy Mel and his loyal hound…

Check Out Bad Roll Games’ Take On A Famous Plumber


Bad Roll Games have shown off their work on a neat addition to the Junker faction in their game, Punkapocalyptic. If you notice any resemblance to a famous Italian plumber then I’m sure that it’s just purely coincidental…

It’s A Sign Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic Has A New Vehicle


Bad Roll Games adds more flavour to their game Punkapocalyptic with a couple of nice releases.