Bad Roll Send Two New Releases Into Their Punkapocalyptic World

December 4, 2017 by dracs

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Bad Roll Games have two new December releases now available on their webstore for the strange world of Punkapocalyptic.

Oil Be Praised!

The first to grab their weapon and get ready to fight is a chainsaw wielding Ember of the Black Blood Children.

Ember with Chainsaw

The Black Blood Children worship oil, which I guess makes a chainsaw pretty close to being a holy weapon in its own right.

Ember with Chainsaw Back

All those exhaust pipes covering him makes this guy a very Mad Max-style figure. He looks like he belongs in the post-apocalypse and would probably be a terrifying figure to wander across.

The DeVille Herself

For the new merc release, Bad Roll have released their cover girl character Lizzy DeVille.

Lizzy Deville

Lizzy embodies the punk of Punkapocalyptic. Armed with her pistol and medium blade, you can tell this girl is not likely to do more than raise an eyebrow when faced with the worst the world has got.

Lizzy Back

Her stance may not be the most dynamic, but there is a lot of character captured with the simple pose. It would be interesting to find out exactly what sort of role she would play in a skirmish.

Which of these two models is your favourite?

"A chainsaw is pretty close to being a holy weapon in its own right."

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