Deal With Invasions Of Sneaky Martabbits In Punkapocalyptic

October 23, 2019 by brennon

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Because they're just so cute I thought I'd better share this set of releases from Bad Roll Games for Punkapocalyptic. Here we have the scampering creatures known as Martabbits!

Martabbits #1 - Bad Roll Games

This set of three little critters are some of the additional colour you can add to the world of Punkapocalyptic and certainly feed into their idea of weird humour that you get with the game. I think I like them because they're like a cross between a rabbit and a rat whilst also having something of the gremlin about them too. They are also clearly well-fed if you look at their tummies!

This fellow is my favourite of the three. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of his somewhat quizzical expression as if someone has done something to offend him?

Martabbits #2 - Bad Roll Games

One thing to note with these sets is that the ears on these Martabbits are very, very delicate. So, you have to be aware that these models might suffer a bit of battle damage if you're not careful. I suppose if they fall off you could always come up with a way to stick it back on or decide the critter has had a run-in with a bigger animal.

What do you make of these models for Punkapocalyptic?

"They are also clearly well-fed if you look at their tummies!"

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