Bad Roll’s New Punkapocalyptic Starter Now Available

April 25, 2019 by brennon

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Bad Roll Games has now made their Punkapocalyptic Starter Set available for you to snag over on their webstore. Choose your faction and get stuck into some wasteland warfare.

Punkapocalyptic Starter Set - Bad Roll Games

As you can see the set comes with all sorts of goodies which you can use to get started in the game. The two gangs are full of character, particularly the Mutant faction.

Punkapocalyptic Starter Set Warband #2 - Bad Roll Games

You'll note that the set has a few familiar faces within it. I particularly like the fellow who has got his speedy shoes on and the one-eyed mechanic. I think of the two factions though I'd actually prefer to play as the Gangers.

Punkapocalyptic Starter Set Warband #1 - Bad Roll Games

There's something about the sculpting style here which truly caught my eye. All of the characters are full of bravado plus it's nice to see ladies taking the forefront for a faction too.

By all accounts, Bad Roll Games has created a blinder of a game with Punkapocalyptic. It also has a large group of good followers online so you'll not want for a community!

Which of the two factions would you play as?

"All of the characters are full of bravado..."

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