Help Fund The Black Blood Children For Punkapocalyptic

July 26, 2016 by brennon

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Up on Kickstarter the folks at Bad Roll Games are looking to fund the creation of a new warband in their game, Punkapocalyptic. Here we have the Black Blood Children...

Black Blood Children (Gang)

As you might imagine this lot quite like oil, petrol, gasoline and everything that makes machines run. With that in mind we have a better look at some of their members as they move towards the render stage too.

Black Blood Children #1

These models are all in 30mm scale and fit into their fantastic skirmish world where gangs battle for resources. You'll be taking on a growing and changing gang where you'll lose folks and others will rise to glory.

Black Blood Children #2

As you can see they have something of the Mad Max about them for sure but that is a good thing to emulate. They remind me of some of the gangs from the Mad Max video game especially.

Freebies & Stretch Goals!

As well as the gang above who all look awesome there are some Exclusives and Stretch Goals worth taking a look at. First up we have some pets from the wasteland.

Grumpy Pet (Exclusive)

First off we have the Grumpy Pet. When it comes to survivors I reckon the cats would come out on top. They'd still be as annoyed as ever though. If you want something a bit more mutated how about the Martabbit?


This is a very strange looking creature that has probably filled its tummy on the food stores you thought were safe and sound.

Additionally a pair of characters have also been unlocked with Lizzy DeVille popping up. She is more or less the poster girl for this game so it's nice to see her getting a miniature.

Lizzy DeVille (Unlocked)

Following on from her we also have the Flamekeeper who is very much part of the Black Blood Children crew.

Flamekeeper (Unlocked)

He looks like he might be a bit more together than some of the other members of his crew but with all that petrol and flame around I could see things going boom rather quickly.

What do you think of this new crew?

"If you want something a bit more mutated how about the Martabbit?"

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