Bad Squiddo Games Prepares For Shieldmaiden Campaign

December 22, 2017 by thisisazrael

Bad Squiddo Games have been finishing off the year with a flurry of teases for their Freyjas Wrath Kickstarter coming in January 2018.

We got to see out first full unit shot of Shieldmaidens in a buildup for the full Shieldmaiden Army we'll see in the campaign.

Bad Squiddo Freyjas Wrath Kickstarter Shieldmaidens

The minis are sculpted by Alan Marsh and painted by Paul Sanderson.

Bad Squiddo Freyjas Wrath Kickstarter Archers

They are made from pewter and comes as single piece minis.

Well also got to see early samples of sculpts from Phil Hynes of what looks like a mummy bear and her three cubs.

Bad Squiddo Freyjas Wrath Kickstarter Bears

Annie from Bad Squiddo also gave some insight into the processes they are going through to ensure well priced and high-quality minis.

"Whilst we are starting to condense our metal casters down to a central place, we're keeping the resin spread out for now. It can be such a tricky task, far more time consuming, and a massive art."

"So we tend to match casters to the minis to play to strengths, meaning we currently use four different resin casters. Really looking forward to seeing what these lovely folk do with my lovely bears!"

It'll be great to see what comes of this future project and just how many systems will benefit from the range of them suiting anything from RPGs to mass Dark Age battles.

Would you field a Shieldmaiden army on the tabletop?

"The minis are sculpted by Alan Marsh and painted by Paul Sanderson..."

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