Bad Squiddo Tease New Dwarves For Salute 2020

February 27, 2020 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games has dropped a preview of some new Dwarves coming out at Salute 2020. A band of Dwarven Fighters will be expanding their Fantasy Dwarf collection and give you some more mean looking killers!

Dwarven Fighters - Bad Squiddo Games

This set of miniatures would be great as a band of hardened tunnel fighters that are watching the mines under your hold as goblins and ratfolk scamper about in the shadows. You could also imagine them popping up in the front line of your units as champions, ready to seek out new enemies to bring low and brag about slaying in the tavern.

Also, if you're someone who wants to build up a neat Fighter or Barbarian in your roleplaying games, they might work as miniatures to represent your hero on the tabletop.

Watch out for more ahead of a Salute 2020 release!

"Watch out for more ahead of a Salute 2020 release!"

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