Bad Squiddo’s Ghosts Of Gaia Kickstarter Ending Soon!

November 25, 2016 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games (The Dice Bag Lady) is on Kickstarter right now as they close in on the final hours for their Ghosts of Gaia project.

Ghosts Of Gaia

Yes, of course, the campaign has some amazing Female Fighters on their way to the tabletop but there's also the real reason to back the Kickstarter. The Gun Pigs...yes, honestly.

Gun Pigs

Gun Pigs Alt

If you're looking for something a bit quirky then I would suggest getting in on this one. Who would have thought that Ginuea Pigs would have been so resourceful when it came to cobbling together weapons for use in the apocalypse.

When you're looking to bring in the big guns though you can also get the Lance Capycannon!

Lance Capycannon

That really is stepping things up in terms of technology isn't it? Back to the Female Fighters the next big stretch goal will unlock the Tank Fighters.


Mounting up on armoured vehicles this takes the Ghosts Of Gaia to the next level which is awesome.

Will you be getting behind this campaign?

"...there's also the real reason to back the Kickstarter. The Gun Pigs!"

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