Battle The Plague In The Infected Kickstarter From Black Forest Studio

March 30, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Leave it to the Infection Control nurse to find a game called Infected. I can't help it - occupational hazard.

infected box

Black Forest Studio is dropping you straight into the Middle Ages and folks are trying to deal with the Black Death in their Kickstarter, Infected.

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Infected is a strategic, semi-cooperative, social game where one person is assigned the role of the Plague Doctor and the others are villagers.

The Plague Doctor is intentionally trying to spread the Black Death, while the others are working feverishly (no pun intended- ok, maybe a little) to vaccinate each other and discover the identity of the Plague Doctor.

infected cards2

The game can be played in 10 minutes and is designed for five or six people (it can be played up to 12 people with an additional copy of the game). You set the game up with predetermined decks for villagers and the Plague Doctor. Decks are chosen at random so no one knows who the others are.

On each turn, players pass a card to another player. After each player has passed a card to another, players must look at their cards and reveal if they are safe or infected.

It sounds simple enough. But once you're infected, you're out and obviously not allowed to say who the Plague Doctor is. There are also dice in the game as some cards essentially give you an element of chance to determine whether you've been infected or not.

These are exceptionally tough as you can't really tell the intention of the person that gave it to you.

infected mini

The game is all about the Plague Doctor covertly doing his worst. He may have just passed you safe card to throw you off his trail, and will take you out on the next turn.

Who do you trust? Being a Kickstarter, they've even made a fantastic Plague Doctor mini to use as a turn counter in the game to signify the starting player.

infected contents

This sounds like the perfect quick and easy game to play with friends over drinks. It's already well funded - spread the news (Get it? Spread the news? Like spreading the plague? Oh never mind)

Do you fancy a game of chance with the Black Death?

"'s already well funded - spread the news (Get it? Spread the news? Like spreading the plague? Oh never mind)"

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