Battlefront Announce Detailed Release Schedule For 2019

December 21, 2018 by cassn

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Yesterday, we reported that Battlefront had released their Flames of War teaser trailer for 2019. Now they're back with a PDF timeline so you can know exactly when to expect their biggest releases next year!

This is a big year for Flames of War, as it signals the start of a four-year schedule of Late War releases. Speaking about the announcement, Battlefront said:

Starting at the beginning of 1944 and moving chronologically to the end of the War is a journey, and we want all Flames Of War players to come with us.

Beasts of War are excited to see the new units which will be coming out during the year, not least because we have big plans with Battlefront this Autumn!

Beasts of War Global Campaign. In October, at the conclusion of the Buildup League will be a global campaign that will have players from all over the world fighting across Europe, whether it is on the beaches of Normandy or the Eastern Front. Each game played will influence the outcome of the whole campaign.

We're incredibly excited to be working with Battlefront once again, and we hope to see you in October! Until then, you can read the full Battlefront press release here.

Will you be attending the Beasts of War Global Campaign?

"We hope to see you in October!"

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