BBC’s DR Who Roleplaying Game Enters Humble Bundle

July 25, 2017 by lancorz

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Fancy yourself a real Time Lord, piloting yourself through the vortex in the trusty Tardis?

Humble Bundle have released the amazing Dr Who Roleplaying Game in this month's sales. The possibilities are endless, imagine you could go anywhere, any time, travel back to discover the secrets under the tower of London, perhaps watch the Moon landing... from the Moon!

The game itself uses a very quick and easy ruleset that encourage quick thinking and letting your imagination run wild with endless possibilities, problem solving and adventuring into the unknown. It's the perfect game to settle into an evening with the family or like minded Who'vians.

For only $1 you can get yourself a pack of 5 PDF Source books, a 30% off Coupon for Cubicle 7 Store and a free Doctor Who: Legacy Mobile game.

Click here to view the wide range that Humble Bundle have to offer.

Where would you go?

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