Learn How To Beat Up Goons In Knight Models’ Batman

November 10, 2019 by brennon

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Knight Models are keeping up the previews for the Batman Miniatures Game with a closer look for us today at combat...

Attacking & Defending

Here is Knight Models' rundown of how it all works in the new edition...

"Leaping at his prey, Batman launches a brutal close combat attack. His Attack value is 5, which means Batman rolls 5 dice. Alongside these dice, he adds an extra die of a different colour – the ‘Strength die’, representing the power of the attack.

To represent the target’s natural resilience, Batman must compare the score of each attack die against the enemy’s Defense (in this case, 3). Each die that rolls equal to or higher than the villain’s Defense is a successful hit. In addition, the Strength die will be compared to Batman’s Strength skill (3+) – if the dice scores 3 or more, it will result in an extra hit that is unstoppable!

Though he has little time to react, the Villain tries desperately to fend off Batman’s attack. Ordinarily, he would roll a number of dice equal to his Defense skill (3), but now he exerts himself, choosing to take 3 points of non-lethal Stun damage in order to remove three attack dice from Batman roll, for a total of 3! Each defence die that equals or beat’s Batman’s Attacks skill (5) will successfully block one of Batman’s hits.

Now his enemy is going to be harder to hit, Batman also decides to make an Effort. The bat opts to take 2 Stun damage to add 2 more dice to his attack (for a total of four attack dice, plus one Strength die). He rolls the dice and gets: 6, 5, 4, and 4, scoring an impressive four hits! In addition, the strength die rolls a 5 so, so he is guaranteed one successful hit that cannot be blocked.

The villain rolls his three Defense dice and scores: 6, 4 and 2 so he can only block 1 hit. He receives four hits in total, combined with the three Stun damage he took voluntarily for his Effort, and it’s lights out for the villain. It seems that good has once again prevailed in Gotham…"

Hopefully, this will give you a quick indicator of how combat works in the game and perhaps show off some of the changes from 2nd to 3rd Edition. We will still be keeping an eye on things however and looking at the game in more detail in the future to see just how fluid it feels.

What do you think?

"Hopefully, this will give you a quick indicator of how combat works in the game..."

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