Bifrost Miniatures Deal With A Band Of Bullywugs!

January 28, 2020 by brennon

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Bifrost Miniatures aren't just producing a range of models sculpted in the traditional way. They have also been working with renders and 3D designs as they bring to life their range of Bullywugs who will be making an appearance later this year when the collection releases.

Bullywugs #1 - Bifrost Miniatures

The core of the collection comes from this selection of funky looking Bullywugs which I believe are a pretty underused enemy in games of Dungeons & Dragons. Armed with a range of weapons they have made from what they can find in their deep, dank caverns they are no doubt going to be fierce defenders of their holy places beneath the earth.

The Clansmen above could well be the first selection of Bullywugs that you bump into but as you get closer to their heart of their realm, perhaps you'll also end up meeting these Thugs.

Bullywugs #2 - Bifrost Miniatures

Armed with heftier looking weapons and well-maintained arms they seem like they could be the elite elements of the Bullywug clan. This got me thinking that perhaps you could even use these miniatures from Bifrost to build up a skirmishing warband as well as a dungeon delve encounter.

Croaking Leaders

As well as the core of your encounters seen above, you've also got the characters which can add some additional fun into the mix. Here we have Ersox who seems like they might be a spellcaster of some kind, bringing gifts from their god to their kins.

Ersox - Bifrost Miniatures

If you're looking for a more martial leader then you've also got Kraglid here. I like the idea that perhaps he sees himself as the leader of the tribe, especially since he has stolen that Dwarven hammer for his own! Anyone who can best the bearded folk must be worth following right?

Kraglid - Bifrost Miniatures

There are some good things coming out of Bifrost right now and with a Salute release date for most of their range, we don't have that much longer to wait in reality. As I mentioned before, even if you're not going to be taking on the role of a Dungeon Master and throwing these Bullywugs into your delves, you could use them as the start of a new army!

What do you think of these models?

"Anyone who can best the bearded folk must be worth following right? "

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