Black Site Studios Relaunch Lunar Game With New Starter Box!

July 19, 2023 by brennon

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Black Site Studios are relaunching one of their skirmish games soon. Lunar, which has you getting involved in moon-based (hah) combat between Cold War-like factions like the Americans, Soviet Union and China is getting a brand new Two-Player Starter Set.

Lunar 2 Player Starter Set - Black Site Studios

Lunar - Two-Player Starter Set // Black Site Studios

The first colonies have arrived on the Moon and are now fighting for resources and survival. The game features three factions with the USA, USSR and the Republic Of China clashing for control of the Moon's surface. The starter set however comes with new 32mm miniatures for the USA and USSR. That gives you a NASA and Soviet team to use when you're leaping across the Moon's surface.

NASA Starter Crew - Lunar

NASA Starter Crew // Lunar

The set comes with everything that you need to get playing with a friend. The multipart resin Astronauts come with a variety of different weapons and items meaning that you can equip your colonists with whatever you prefer. You'll also note that you get the dice and cards you need for getting stuck into a clash!

Soviet Starter Crew - Lunar

Soviet Starter Crew // Lunar

Typical games of Lunar take place with between three and five miniatures per side and in a tiny 2x2 foot area. Gameplay is quick and easy to pick up making this a great starter option for someone looking to get stuck into wargaming. It helps that the theme is so different from a lot of other stuff out there as well. It's certainly something I've not seen before when it comes to Sci-Fi wargaming.

Lunar Core Rulebook - Black Site Studios

Lunar - Core Rulebook // Black Site Studios

The new Revised Core Rulebook means that you'll be able to dive into more conflicts in the future and see where your campaigns on the Moon take you. The relaunch goes live tomorrow (20th July 2023) and you can then dive into the expanded Lunar range if you'd like to explore more!

Will you be checking out this relaunch of Lunar?

"The set comes with everything that you need to get playing with a friend..."

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