Steamforged Games Preview Blackjaw For Upcoming Godtear

December 8, 2017 by thisisazrael

Steamforged Games have shown off another new champion for upcoming game Godtear in the form of Blackjaw.

Steamforged Games Godtear Blackjaw Concept

"Known only as Exile, Blackjaw is a creature of uncertain destiny, the bloodthirsty nature of his people a terrible portent of what may come to pass."

Steamforged Games Godtear Blackjaw Render

The team at Steamforged games sure know how to 3D sculpt and yet again they've taken an amazing piece of concept art and translated it wonderfully for the miniature format.

The flames on Blackjaw's axe are going to give some great opportunity to play with fire effects and indulge in some serious source lighting.

What do you think of Blackjaw?

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