Bombshell Miniatures Get Bewitched For Halloween

October 16, 2019 by avernos

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Bombshell Miniatures have been bewitched by this fantastical feline in the run up to Halloween.

Bewitching Cat

Part of their range of Kritterkins the Bewitching Cat in the Hat is ready to serve up all manner of mischief at the turn of the season. As we all know cats cross the line between worlds anyway and this bundle of fur may be planning to send you to the moon and there is little you can do to stop her.

The Kritterkins are resin sculpts at approximately 35 mm and although there isn't a game attached to them they look like they would be a joy to paint. This Samhain Siamese is available now, but if you order any four Kritterkins between now and 31st October you will find yourself in possession of (or being possessed by) the Bewitching Cat for free. Clint Beastwood is definitely my favourite amongst the other critters, I'm just saying...

Bewitching Cat Lloyd

As we can see from the Lloyd shot it's a very clean sculpt giving a cartoonish look to the miniature, I believe the kids call it chibi, and like all of Bombshell's miniatures they are made with painters in mind.

What would you do if a bewitching cat crossed your path?

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