Bow & Blade Games Release First Miniature, King Urien!

June 22, 2019 by brennon

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Bow & Blade Games, run by a community member called @killcrazy has been showing off their first miniature, sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis.

King Urien of Rheged - Bow & Blade Games

This fellow is King Urien of Rheged, based on a proper historical figure who was later immortalised into Arthurian legend and myth. Within the realm of history, he was known as one of the first post-Roman military leaders near Hadrian's Wall and could well be counted as one of "Three Great Battle-leaders of Britain".

King Urien of Rheged Mounted - Bow & Blade Games

He is, however, probably best known for being the husband to Morgan le Fay. He was eventually killed by her according to some depictions in classical artwork but was also assassinated in real life too by one who was jealous of his power.

The miniature will be on sale July 1st so watch this space. You could very easily drop him into a force of Arthurian soldiers doing battle during this early portion of the Dark Age.

What do you make of him?

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