Meet A Breacher & What’s Different About Gangs Of The Undercity?

February 13, 2020 by brennon

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Fragging Unicorns Games continue to delve into what makes their upcoming game, Gangs Of The Undercity, one worth exploring. This time we got a peek at a new Underagent Breacher model and learned about what makes your gangs different.

Naqar - Fragging Unicorns Games

First, we're meeting Naqar here who (as you might have guessed) is pretty good at the whole hacking lark. He will be sneaking about the streets looking to hack cyberlinks for cash which will help you grow your gang in-game. Once again, I like the mix that we're seeing here between the fantastical and the cyberpunk. I can see some pointy ears here so I'd assume we're looking at an Elf or Half-Elf!

What Makes Gangs Of The Undercity Different?

I will let you have a look at their full blog for a discussion on this from the game's creator but I also thought it apt to dive in and talk about it here too. The first point is that they wanted to try and make sure that they hit both those Cyberpunk and Fantasy tropes pretty hard so it appeals to those who like both genres.

One of the other focuses is on the Gang Ranks system which applies to the different models in your group. If you lose Rookies and such during gameplay it won't have much effect on your gang but as those higher up the chain get injured or killed things start to shift. This means that you've got to be careful both in and out of the game as it affects what you have access to.

Then, we've got the difference between two kinds of spellcasting (of a fashion). On the one hand, you've got Breachers who are computer wizards who are able to manipulate the tabletop during gameplay and in your downtime too. They allow you to break into cyberlinks (Clinks) and do a lot more than your regular gangers could achieve.

You've also then got proper wizards and spellcasters who are quite the different group within Gangs Of The Undercity. They can focus on crowd control, ranged damage and even enhancing the power of your other gang members on the tabletop. There are many different forms of magic and you can learn about them in more detail HERE.

Finally, you've got Grit which another resource that you'll need to manage in your games. It allows you to pull off some impressive feats but it isn't exhaustive so you'll have to work out the best time to use it. It allows you to pull off special moves and even re-roll dice to try and change fate. It's always good to have some mitigation in the mix.

Are you liking the sound of Gangs Of The Undercity?

"...they wanted to try and make sure that they hit both those Cyberpunk and Fantasy tropes pretty hard so it appeals to those who like both genres"

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