Brigade Face Their Waterloo With New 2mm Terrain

May 17, 2019 by dracs

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Brigade Models have expanded their Small Scale Scenery range with a set of 2mm buildings from the battlefields of Waterloo.

Brigade have worked hard to try to make these resin buildings accurate to what you would have found in 1815. The first is the Château Hougoumont.

The Hougoumont is one of the most iconic locations of the Battle of Waterloo, with Wellington himself being reported as saying that "the success of the battle turned upon the closing of the gates at Hougoumont".

According to Brigade, not many of the original buildings remain, so their model is based upon contemporary illustrations and plans, as well as modern-day satellite views.

Following on from this, we have the walled farm of La Haye Sainte.

La Haye Sainte was held by German and British troops, heavily outnumbered by the attacking French, until the late afternoon when the allies finally ran out of ammunition.

Unlike the Hougoumont, La Haye Sainte has remained largely unchanged since the time of the battle, giving Brigade a much easier time in recreating it accurately.

Moving on we find La Belle Alliance Inn.

La Belle Alliance inn is better remembered for its importance after the battle as the meeting place for the allied leaders the Duke of Wellington and Prince Blücher, signalling the end of the battle.

The inn also remains to this day, although now it is used as a night club (I don't think this is represented on the model).

Finally, we have the church of Plancenoit.

The church no longer exists as it did, so Brigade had to do their best approximation of how it would have looked. Plancenoit is remembered now as the site of the Prussians vital, and successful, flank attack on Napoleon's army.

All of these models are now available as a single Waterloo Building Set.

Thanks to @torros for posting about this in the forums

Does 2mm wargaming ever appeal to you?

"The success of the battle turned upon the closing of the gates at Hougoumont."

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