Build Halfling Homes & Armies With Westfalia’s New Kickstarter

November 29, 2016 by brennon

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Westfalia is on Kickstarter with a very short campaign looking to create some new models and terrain pieces for use with your Fantasy games. See what you think of the Second Breakfast packed with Halflings and their little homes too!

The Second Breakfast

There are all manner of neat looking miniatures as part of this campaign for you to pick up. Some of them come from their existing range and some are new like those Merry Halfmen above.

Mounted Reivers

Effectively this collection gives you a way to create a very awesome looking Halfling army packed with cavalry, regular troops, characters and more.

Artillery Crew

The pieces that really caught my eye, however, were their Halfling Houses and other terrain pieces...

Hobbit House

Not only have they been making some rather epic houses which look superb but they have some bigger pieces too including a pub and some stable sections too.

Hobbit Pub

These would be wonderful for making up an awesome Halfling tabletop. All you'd need to do is mount some of the facades in front of foam (or another material) and you'd be able to sculpt some Halfling Hill Houses (love that alliteration)!

Hobbit Interior

These little stables are just ripe for a scenario or two where you have some Halflings from another town coming to raid their stores and make off with their goats!

Will you be checking out more from this campaign?

"The pieces that really caught my eye, however, were their Halfling Houses..."

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