Cad Bane Hunts Down Your Bounty In Star Wars: Legion

June 25, 2020 by brennon

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We got a look at Padme Amidala last week for Star Wars: Legion and this time around we're seeing how the Separatists fair with the addition of a new Operative. Fantasy Flight Games recently went into more detail concerning the wheeling and dealing of Cad Bane as he seeks out your next bounty target.

Cad Bane Miniature - FFG

Cad Bane Miniature // Star Wars: Legion

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First up, we have the miniature which is another hard plastic addition to the Star Wars: Legion range. You can either assemble this infamous bounty hunter with his big floppy hat or without it, perhaps lost in the midst of combat. You can also give him duel blasters or pose him tapping away on his wrist console as he programs all sorts of surprises for his foes.

Cad Bane: Hunting Your Targets

Cad Bane is also possessed of plenty of skills when it comes to diving in and dealing with your problems. Thanks to his rocket boots, he is able to leap around over terrain and cut off escape routes and he can have all manner of attachments which allow you to tailor him to your preferred way of fighting.

Cad Bane Profile Card - FFG

Cad Bane Profile Card // Star Wars: Legion

As well as his innate skills, Cad Bane also comes with an array of different cards which you can use during his activations and a few toys too. The team at Fantasy Flight Games has done a great job of working the character of Cad Bane into his cards and he is able to really tweak things to suit the way he wants to play. I love the quotes from his time in The Clone Wars TV Show which feature here too!

Cad Bane Card Fan - FFG.png

Cad Bane Cards // Star Wars: Legion

As well as these cards which allow him to switch things up, he is also able to litter a series of tokens across the tabletop which may just lead to some explosive results. I love the idea of Cad Bane planning out how he is going to take down his foes way before the battle even begins and doing as much as possible not to get shot at.

Cad Bane Tokens - FFG

Cad Bane Tokens // Star Wars: Legion

You can find out more about what Fantasy Flight Games have planned for Cad Bane over on the links above which go into more detail about the various cards and powers he has at his command. I could see him being a great choice for your Separatist army.

What do you think of Cad Bane?

"I love the quotes from his time in The Clone Wars TV Show which feature here too!"

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