Catelyn Stark Lends Her Voice To A Song Of Ice And Fire

July 4, 2017 by dracs

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Another of Starks is joining the conflict of the A Song of Ice And Fire Miniatures Game; Catelyn Stark, mother to the King in the North and descendent of House Tully.

Catelyn Stark

"Proud and strong, Catelyn Stark embodies the greatest aspects of both the Stark and Tully houses. While she never sees the battlefield proper, Catelyn has mastered the finer arts of off-battlefield politics.

Her ability to rally houses to the Stark banner, as well as inspire all those fighting for her cause make her a fierce opponent in the War of the Five Kings."

Catelyn was a favourite character of mine in the books, so I'm happy to see her making her presence known in the upcoming game. Cool Mini Or Not do seem to be attempting to capture both the series' political dealings and its grand battles, and Catelyn Stark is not a figure to cross if you threaten her family.

Do you think Catelyn will be useful in A Song of Ice and Fire?

"Catelyn Stark is not a figure to cross if you threaten her family..."

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