Champions & Strange Minions Stomp Into Monsterpocalypse

February 3, 2020 by brennon

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Monsterpocalypse is also getting an update this week as more epic monsters get thrown into the mix by Privateer Press. We start with a rather epic insectoid creature, Xixorax. What do you make of this Power Rangers bad guy?

Xixorax - Monsterpocalypse

Here is more on the mighty Xixorax for the Savage Swarm...

"The existence of the Savage Swarm has produced rampant speculation in fields as far apart as biology and theology. Preceded by the drone of a thousand-thousand buzzing wings, Xixorax emerges from craters in the earth to erupt as a force of urban destruction.

Resembling a gigantic bipedal beetle, Xixorax shows none of the regards for the natural world or humanity that is demonstrated by the Terrasaurs and Empire of the Apes. Whether he has any intelligence or is motivated by any desire other than pure annihilation remains to be seen."

This fellow would be wonderful to paint and I think that you could have some fun with a lot of those shifting colour paints that you can get from all manner of different companies right now.

Fire & Fury

We also have the epic and rather different Elemental Champion Incinerus!

Incinerus - Monsterpocalypse

I think that Xixorax is my favourite of the two releases for this month but I do appreciate the epic action pose they've tried to get here for Incinerus...

"Though his body is wreathed in flame, only good intentions fill Incinerus’ blazing heart. The Elemental Champions belong to a secret society of powerful mystics who can tap into the primal energies of the earth itself.

By internalizing and harnessing these flows through his body, Incinerus grows to colossal proportions and becomes a self-contained inferno of righteousness, rendering to ash any who would imperil the innocent."

I do think that, once again, you'd have fun with some interesting painting options here too. If you went with shift paints for the first model then here you could have a go with glow effects! It would look awesome when played against his shimmering armour.

Burrowers & Writhers

As well as the big champions stomping into the mix you've also got some supporting monsters as well. Here you can see the Mollock Berserkers & Brutes...

Mollock Berserkers & Brutes - Monsterpocalypse

...who might end up going up against the equally strange and brutal Steel Shell Crabs & Psi Eels. I love the fact that we've got cyber-moles who are digging through the earth, ready to blast up from underground to ruin your day.

Stell Shell Crabs & Psi Eels - Monsterpocalypse

As with everything from Monsterpocalypse in the new edition it is all unpainted so you can just get stuck in and paint these monsters up however you like. I think this was certainly the right way forward for the game so that you can play around with a colour scheme that suits you. Fun painting projects can be a real draw for a game.

What do you think of the new releases?

"Fun painting projects can be a real draw for a game..."

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