Champlain’s French Join Crucible Crush’s Flint & Feather

January 10, 2022 by brennon

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Champlain's French have been added into the mix for Flint & Feather from Crucible Crush over the last month or so. You now have access to a bunch of new French and English miniatures in 28mm to use as part of this skirmish game set against the backdrop of dark forest and frontiers in North America.

Champlain & French Personalities - Crucible Crush

Champlain & French Personalities // Crucible Crush

Samuel de Champlain leads the way for this set of releases that landed in December last year. You'll be able to play as this colonist, navigator, cartographer, draftsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler and found New France. This set also comes with a number of other characters that would be fit for the period.

You can also pick up a set of soldiers that could be used when defending your hard-won corners of the frontier.

Champlains Soldiers - Crucible Crush

Champlain's Soldiers // Crucible Crush

There are also a couple of different sets that would be solid for those building skirmishing warbands in Flint & Feather.

French Adventurers - Crucible Crush

French Adventurers // Crucible Crush

Each of these figures works nicely as an individual character that you could build a fun story around. For example, you've got the slightly more worldly looking chaps at the bottom (see above) and then someone a little more green in the top left.

These French Matchlock Men would also work nicely as the more rank and file options within your warband.

French Matchlock Men - Crucible Crush

French Matchlock Men // Crucible Crush

How would you like to paint these up and are the adventures of Champlain something you'd like to consider?

The English Are Coming!

You might also need a new foe to face. There are also some new English troops and characters that you can drop into the mix.

English Command - Crucible Crush

English Command // Crucible Crush

Maybe Champlain could lead an attack against one of their strongholds deep in the midst of a wintery forest? I love how they look exceedingly English, maybe it's the guts?

English Muskets - Crucible Crush

English Muskets // Crucible Crush

Much like with the French, you also have some rank and file miniatures in the form of these English Muskets. I love these chaps! I think they look awesome, especially with those quilted coats.

The English (or the French) could also be trying to defend these poor European Settlers from being killed during the course of an attack.

European Settlers - Crucible Crush

European Settlers // Crucible Crush

They look to just be going about their business. However, the eldest daughter here seems to be prepared to blow away any soldier who threatens their farmstead.

You are also able to buy a few extra English sets from Crucible Crush right now but the pictures were very tiny! So, you can check them out HERE and explore more of the range too.

Are you going to be diving into this range and miniatures game?

"Are you going to be diving into this range and miniatures game?"

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