Clobber Your Foes With Willy Miniatures’ New Orc Team

June 15, 2020 by brennon

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Willy Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter this week with their campaign to bring a new Orc Team to the tabletop for your Fantasy Football games.

Orc Team - Willy Miniatures.png

Check Out The Campaign Here

The selection of monstrous football players here would be grand for those who like clobbering their opponents and don't really give two hoots about the ball. Your opponent can't win if they have been smashed into the turf right? Here is a breakdown of the different options within the team.

Orc Team Linemen - Willy Miniatures.png

Orc Team Linemen

Orc Team Blitzers - Willy Miniatures.png

Orc Team Blitzers

Orc Team Throwers - Willy Miniatures

Orc Team Throwers

Orc Team Black Orcs - Willy Miniatures.png

Orc Team Black Orcs

Orc Team Troll - Willy Miniatures.png

Orc Team Troll

There is a nice mix of different styles here in terms of the way the team has been built. You've got some classic Warhammer-esque players as part of the team with also a few nods towards different Fantasy styles like that of World Of Warcraft. I like that the Troll is very different and this fellow comes with a maw chock full of teeth! I could see these being fun and brutish addition to your collection if you're a Fantasy Football fan.

Maybe you could paint these particular Orcs in a different style and look beyond the green? Imagine these Orks in a tan colour or perhaps something entirely differently like purple!

What do you think of these miniatures?

"Maybe you could paint these particular Orcs in a different style and look beyond the green?"

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