Get Clobbering With Some New Monsterpocalypse Titans

November 12, 2019 by brennon

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Some big ol' monsters are coming to the world of Monsterpocalypse by Privateer Press. Clambering down from the mountains we have a new monster for the Empire Of Apes in the form of White Dajan!

White Dajan - Monsterpocalypse

"Thought to have emerged from somewhere within the harshest and most inaccessible peaks of the Himalayas, White Dajan is a ferocious giant ape that has emerged to confront Earth’s would-be despoilers. Possessing the power to summon winter’s ferocity, White Dajan is noted for his rage and unbridled violence even among the Empire of the Apes. He seems to have a particular hatred for buildings and crowded cities, seeking to level such structures whenever his anger is provoked. This makes him a perilous guardian, though he has also shown affection for humanity and a willingness to fight alongside them. Considering the foes Earth faces, a few toppled buildings are considered an acceptable price to pay to appease this formidable ally."

This fellow isn't hiding from hunters in the mountains. He is in a rather cool pose, swinging down with that massive ice club that he has pulled from the roots of a glacier one assumes. I have a soft spot for big lumbering creatures like this and anything which is coated in fur like this suddenly becomes a lot easier to paint!

Mech Up

Next up we're looking at a creature which is step away from the wilderness. Here we have Uber Corp International's Gorghadratron!

Gorghadratron - Monsterpocalypse

"Nothing demonstrates the military manufacturing capabilities of UberCorp International better than its gigantic weaponized hardware platforms, each customized to monstrous configurations. Gorghadratron brings the raw obliterating power of the so-called “Planet Eaters” to anyone with sufficient funds to commit to an exclusive purchaser’s license. Built with innovative polymers and alloys derived from recovered xenoexobiological materials, Gorghadratron is as durable as it is lethal, with longevity assured by the recommended 10-year UberCorp maintenance contract, purchased separately. UberCorp cannot be held responsible for any collateral damage incurred by overloading Gorghadratron’s reactors."

Like something pulled from a Saturday morning cartoon, this fellow looks like he might have left his Power Ranger behind. Whilst not as exciting (for me at least) as White Dajan I do like the fact that we're getting some proper technological wizardry for the game which draws on that anime/manga heritage behind the game.

Cosmic Beasts

Thirdly we have the introduction of a new monster for the Lords of Cthul. Here is the slobbering Ulgoth!

Ulgoth - Monsterpocalypse

"An otherworldly embodiment of toxicity and pain, Ulgoth’s very blood destroys what he does not directly assault, and the world itself shudders in his passage. Unlike some other Lords of Cthul, it is difficult to determine if Ulgoth is even intelligent, so far as humanity is concerned, as it seems almost more a force of supernatural destruction and transformation. Wherever it treads, the world is changed around it, and some scientists have theorized Ulgoth might be akin to a sinister terraforming device, one bent on changing the very nature of the Earth into an environment more amenable to creatures of Cthul. It is also responsible for hastening the proliferation of lesser horrors from their reality, spawning and summoning such beings with a frequency that defies reason."

This fellow reminds me of one of the shambling Flood pods that you'd have to avoid standing next to when playing Halo. Once again, a fun new model for a range which is now packed with all sorts of alternative monsters and mecha that you can use in the game. With the ability to paint them yourself as well this time around I would hope we're going to see lots of fun schemes from folks in the community.

Are you playing Monsterpocalypse with your friends currently?

"Are you playing Monsterpocalypse with your friends currently?"

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