New Companions & A Savage Age Captain From Lucid Eye

March 2, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has some new additions to both their The Elf King range and also the Savage Age collection. Kicking off we have a new set of Companions to vary up your force fighting alongside the Elven Thanes.

The Companions #4 - Lucid Eye

The Companions, as talked about in our Exclusive Elf King Article, guard your Thane on the tabletop and act as their valiant protectors. They also look cool as all hell and interestingly we're getting a look at a different type of warrior for this force as one of them sports a pair of horns!

You can also now get your hands on The Elf King Dice Bags, which will no doubt be useful in the future AND they come with either Gold or Red lining.

The Elf King Dice Bags

We're very interested to see where this game goes and how it all plays out on the tabletop. Maybe we'll see these guys at Salute! In the meantime, grab your Thanes and your Companions and ready your force for a battle.

Savage Captain

As part of their Savage Core line, the team also sculpted up this surly looking warrior. Say hello to Bahl The Cro, Captain of The Atlantean Reavers.

Bahl The Cro, Captain of The Atlantean Reavers - Lucid Eye

Now that fellow looks like he could handle himself. Whilst he has the look of a barbarian with that fur-lined cloak and the haircut of a certain slayer he is clad in hefty looking armour too.

I don't normally go in for very static poses like this as I don't think it works particularly well in gameplay when you look at the models as a whole. But, in this case I think it certainly gets the 'commanding' look right.

It might have been nice to see him with a sword in hand, slashing down one of his foes though.

What do you think of these new releases?

"You can also now get your hands on The Elf King Dice Bags..."

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