Take A Peek At Contents Of SPQR: Clash Of Heroes

June 26, 2019 by brennon

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With a peek at gameplay for SPQR now out there, Warlord Games also took a look inside the Starter Set for the game which features Gauls fighting against the might of the Roman Empire.

SPQR A Clash Of Heroes - Warlord Games

So, to list everything you get inside the set you're looking at...

  • Softback 196 page A4 rulebook
  • A Roman Hero
  • 8x Caesarian Romans with gladius
  • 8x Caesarian Romans with Pilum
  • Caesarian Romans shields decal sheet
  • A Gaul Chieftain
  • 40x Gallic Celts & Celts command
  • 12x Celtic Archers
  • Celtic Warriors shields decal sheet
  • Bases
  • D6

...which should be enough to get you going with a warband of each. It still seems like an awful lot of Gauls for the Romans to try and kill but I'm sure they're up to the task.

The set also features those two heroes, unique to A Clash Of Heroes.

SPQR Exclusive Heroes - SPQR

I like the Gaul Chieftain, roaring out a challenge to his opponents. He looks like he'd be able to take you down in a challenge. The Roman Hero, however, looks a little too official for my liking. Considering this is a skirmish game I would have assumed he would have sword drawn, ready to get stuck in with his fellow soldiers.

I was hoping for more of a Lucius Vorenus than this pencil pusher!

Many of you weren't entirely won over by this game last time we featured it but has your mind changed? What would you like to have seen them do differently with this one?

Let us know in the comments below...

"I was hoping for more of a Lucius Vorenus than this pencil pusher!"

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