Wrathborn Continues Life With Lion Tower Miniatures

October 5, 2017 by brennon

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The world of Wrathborn continues its life as the game world comes under the wing of Lion Tower Miniatures going forward. You can see the finalised cover art for their rulebook as presented on their Facebook Page.

Wrathborn Art

As you might imagine from the artwork the game is going to have a focus towards a Nordic theme with warriors and raiders clashing with werewolves across the frozen ground.

I particularly like the Lagertha-esque Shieldmaiden in the front of the image who has managed to strike that werewolf right through the heart. I hope we get a model of her!

The game is set to hit Kickstarter next year and if you were able to tune in for the Lion Tower Miniatures Kickstarter for some dungeon delving heroes you'll know they're pretty on point with their designs.

What do you think of the new artwork?

"The game is set to hit Kickstarter next year..."

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