More Creatures Creep Out Of The World Of Kingdom Death

August 8, 2014 by brennon

Kingdom Death has heading back to their webstore of strange imagination and added not only the Nightmare Ram but also the Adult Sunstalker and People of the Sun to it. Will you be picking up these eerie creatures?

Nightmare Ram

Adult Sunstalker

First up we have the Nightmare Ram and the Adult Sunstalker that we've seen in the past. The Nightmare Ram is just, strange, but in a really good way! I love that it's legs are just arms giving it an unsettling human side. The Sunstalker on the other hand is just out of this world crazy!

People of the Sun

As well as those monsters we have some more normal looking additions in the People of the Sun. The Priest and Miko here are part of a tribe that once worshiped the sun and have now reached the height of their wisdom in the doing so.

Some interesting additions to the line-up!

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