Crooked Dice Prepare For More Post-Apocalyptic Adventures

January 13, 2020 by brennon

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Some new goodies for Post-Apocalyptic adventurers are coming soon to Crooked Dice's webstore. If you're looking to take on the wasteland then maybe hanging around with some Mounted Rangers would be a good idea.

Mounted Rangers Alt - Crooked Dice

These fellows seem like the kind of folk that head out from the pockets of humanity that still exist to chart the routes towards anything that could be useful for the settlement. They are probably quite hardy warriors who have seen a lot of harrowing things.

Mounted Rangers - Crooked Dice

I think keeping them masked and such gives them an air of menace which is probably rightly deserved. You could imagine some people perhaps seeing them as terrible spectres of the wasteland who are known for dark deeds. Maybe this is simply a cover to make sure no-one messes with them in the course of their duties.

Marauders On The Horizon

As well as the Mounted Rangers you can also look forward to a new set of Marauders who might be the foes that the Rangers run into.

Marauders Pack Two - Crooked Dice

These fellows have clearly seen some times and now they're stuck trying to survive against the odds with whatever weapons they have to hand. They do look like very down-and-out soldiers who were maybe part of a standing army before the apocalypse swept across the world.

Are you tempted to snap up these new miniatures?

"Are you tempted to snap up these new miniatures?"

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