Grab Cubicle 7’s Free Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Adventure

June 8, 2020 by brennon

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Dive into Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound with a FREE adventure for you roleplayers from the team at Cubicle 7. Crash & Burn is available via their webstore and also over on DriveThruRPG.

Soulbound Crash & Burn - Cubicle 7.jpg

So, what is Crash & Burn all about?

"Following the cataclysmic events of the Necroquake, the newly reclaimed city of Brightspear is in desperate need of supplies and support. A huge Kharadron fleet has been assembled to bring provisions, would-be settlers, and enterprising merchants to the new city. Joining the expedition are a group of unlikely heroes — Soulbound, mortal beings chosen by the gods to defend the Mortal Realms. But even they may be no match for the trials that are to come…"

As an introductory adventure, this is a pretty neat way to get started with Soulbound if you've just read through the Core Book and want to know where to go next. You'll be venturing forth into the Realm Of Fire from Hammerhal Aqsha and joining a Kharadron fleet as it heads to Brightspear. Will you be able to deal with the forces of Chaos and Tzeentchian horrors that are seeking to drag you and the fleet down into the depths?

It won't be long until the Starter Set is available for you to download from Cubicle 7 but in the meantime, this is a great option for those starting out in the game.

Will you be giving this adventure a go?

"...this is a great option for those starting out in the game"

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