Cubicle 7 Reveal New Art & Info For Age Of Sigmar RPG

February 22, 2019 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 yesterday released more information and artwork for the upcoming Age Of Sigmar Roleplaying Game. Check out this cover art which popped up online...

Age Of Sigmar RPG Core Rulebook Cover - Cubicle 7

This piece here shows off the player heroes battling against the might of Nagash and Chaos, revealing some of the options available to people who get stuck into the game. We learned that you'll be able to play as a number of different Archetypes in the game like...

  • Knight-Questor & Knight-Incantor (Stormcast Eternals)
  • Auric Runesmiter (Fyreslayers)
  • Aether-Khemist (Kharadron Overlords)
  • Isharaan Tidecaster (Idoneth Deepkin)
  • Witch Aelf (Daughters Of Khaine)
  • Excelsior Warpriest (Devoted Of Sigmar)
  • Former Freeguild Soldier (Free Peoples)
  • Kurnoth Hunter (Sylvaneth)
  • Skink Starpriest (Seraphon)
  • Realmwalker

The list sounds very exhaustive right out of the gate and covers pretty much all of the options for those looking to play as the forces of Order clashing against the might of Chaos, Death and Destruction. The key thing here seems to be a sense of getting stuck into the 'epic' nature of Age Of Sigmar.

You're not going to be playing as traders and wandering mercenaries from this world but key figures that take part in the mighty battles of the Realms, harnessing incredible power and abilities. I think this is the right direction to go and keeps the game feeling very different in tone from Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play for example.

The System

The game is going to be D6 Pool based where you add together an Attribute and Skill in order to roll for a given event. There is quite an all-encompassing range of Attributes called Body, Mind, and Soul giving you lots of room for interpretation and they are complemented by twenty-four unique skills.

Talents will also help shape your character getting to the real core of something like the Knight-Questor for example.

I am really excited to see where they go with this, especially as it will help many people to understand the background of the Mortal Realms. Aqshy, the Realm of Fire is the first realm covered in detail in the main rulebook it seems with more added as they go along.

Honestly, for me the real pleasure is going to be choosing between playing a freckin' Kurnoth Hunter (!!?!?!?!) or a valiant Knight-Questor, harnessing the power of Sigmar and smiting my foes with lighting.

I think if you stuck on some 80's retro-wave when playing the Age Of Sigmar RPG you'd be on the right course...

Are you interested in this?

"...for me the real pleasure is going to be choosing between playing a freckin' Kurnoth Hunter (!!?!?!?!) or a valiant Knight-Questor"

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