Curse Of Dead Man’s Hand Book & Gangs On Pre-Order Next Week

March 18, 2017 by brennon

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As of next week, you'll be able to pre-order the rulebook and gangs for Great Escape Games' Curse Of Dead Man's Hand which adds a dose of the weird to their Wild West adventures.

The Curse Of Dead Man's Hand

The game is going to be supported by a range of new terrain pieces by 4Ground (so watch this space) and of course you can't have a new game without some miniatures. Some of the gangs were featured in a preview on social media including The Baron...

The Baron well as the Malevolent Seven and the Mountain Men.

The Malevolent Seven

Mountain Men

If I was going to go for any of these sets I would either have to go for the undead Malevolent Seven or the surly and bearded Mountain Men who have come down from the trail to find their towns ransacked by the undead.

The sculpting here is great and packed with character and although there are some rather awkward looking skeletons in the Malevolent Seven set I think they've created some really nice miniatures here. The Baron, in particular, is very awesome!

Will you be giving this one a go?

"The Baron, in particular, is very awesome!"

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