Cyberpunk & Fantasy Combo Shadowrun TTRPG Live On Humble Bundle!

July 18, 2022 by fcostin

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Shadowrun TTRPG from Catalyst Game Labs has been present on our tabletops for quite some time now, bringing a sprinkle of cyberpunk street crime with urban fantasy. As players wander through a period set in the near future, an alternate timeline unfolds. Placing magic, cybernetics, horror and mystery to Humble Bundle for the next 17 days.

Shadowrun TTPG - Humble Bundle And Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun TTPG // Humble Bundle And Catalyst Game Labs

Providing three different bundles, with the largest 16-book bundle for £14.79. Enduring the wrath of 2080, players will gain access to a whole Shadowrun Digital Library, which includes the latest edition of the Sixth World core rulebook, and a chance to immerse yourself into some fierce battle in the Firing Squad core combat rulebook.

Alongside the books to get you started in a world of cyberpunk fantasia, players will also find a series of sourcebooks, campaign books, the incorporation of magic, plus additional background information and lore. There are two other bundles available, with 6 items available for £8.22 and a smaller 2-item pairing for £0.82.

Campaign Preview - Shadowrun Humble Bundle

Campaign Preview // Shadowrun TTRPG Humble Bundle

Quite often with Humble Bundle, the small bundles I love to collect to add to my own digital library. They usually contain additional game content, such as settings or character development. If you are not immersed in Shadowrun, is fantastic for inspiration for other titles, and of course extending your campaign into some new territories.

There are 17 days left on the offer, so if you are looking to bolster up your digital library with a new game title, or to extend your campaign with some new source material. Be sure to check out the offer whilst it is available. Plus, when you dip into the offer, you will also be supporting Action Against Hunger. Joining their global fight against hunger.

Are you tempted by the Shadowrun TTRPG Humble Bundle? 

"Providing three different bundles, with the largest 16-book bundle for £14.79. "

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