New Deluxe Expansion For Android Netrunner Adds New Identities

June 2, 2015 by brennon

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I got very excited this morning when I saw that there was a new update on the Fantasy Flight Games website telling me that the next Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner was revealed. So, indulge in Data & Destiny with a slant towards NBN and three new Runner Identities...

Data & Destiny (Box)

We Know Everything...

Much like in (spoiler alert) Deus Ex: Human Revolution NBN are the corporation in charge of the media in the Android universe. Everything goes through them and they can shape the news like Picus do in that particular game. With that in mind they're making sure Runners get a raw deal...

Card Fan

The aim is to not only make it harder for Runners to actually run but also punish them when they do with stronger tagging abilities letting them know where they are before sending in the goons (I mean hired professionals) to finish the job.

It's going to be really interesting to see how NBN grows in this upcoming expansion as they are already a very strong Corporation to run in the tournament scene.

New Ways Of Running

As well as the new ways in which the Corporation can keep tabs on you there are three new Runner mini-factions in the game for players to pick from.

New Runner Identities

Adam is a Bioroid set free from the confines of his programming and as well as looking utterly awesome has a very specific way of playing with his own Directive cards. Apex isn't even a 'being' as such and more of a predatory program in the system. I love the theme of it where everything it uses has to be from the virtual world.

Last but not least is Sunny Lebeau who is a Runner contracted out by the Corporations themselves. Think of her as one of those Hackers hired by the government to make sure their systems are secure.

Since the three Runners are from their own faction they have a vastly higher influence on their cards (25) meaning that they can really pick and choose from the main factions in terms of what cards they take.

The deck building possibilities are going to be insane.

I am SO excited for this!

"The deck building possibilities are going to be insane..."

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