Delve Into More Of Studio Tomahawks Arthurian SAGA

October 27, 2016 by brennon

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Giving us some more information about the world of Aetius & Arthur Studio Tomahawk put together some new previews of the upcoming book.


So what's the book about?

"In 406 AD, some Germanic tribes crossed the frozen Rhine to invade the Western Roman Empire, plundering Gaul, Spain and finally North Africa. Four years later, in 410 AD, Rome is plundered by the Visigoths of Alaric. To counter those exceptional threats, the Roman army is forced to leave Great Britain.

The local populations are now left alone to face their own opponents, Picts and Saxons. Meanwhile, a new threat appears in the east. The Huns subjugate many barbarian tribes, and then continue their advance towards the Roman Empire."

It's a time ripe for wargaming possibilities where Europe was plunged into chaos, especially if you were a Roman citizen.


A few of them were mentioned above but you'll get six battle boards as part of this new book.


Within this book you'll get the opportunity to play as the Western Romans, invading Saxons and Picts, the Goths (as either Ostrogoths or Visigoths) as well as the formidable Huns themselves. The Britons of course, play a role in this story unfolding too.

You can see two of the Battle Boards (in French) below...


...which are looking great from an aesthetic point of view. I like the design which takes more from The Crescent & The Cross than the original boards in SAGA.


Of course, you can't have a saga without plenty of mercenaries like Roman Deserters, the Foederati and of course legendary heroes too. King Arthur anyone?

Who will you play as?

"It's a time ripe for wargaming possibilities where Europe was plunged into chaos..."

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