Learn About Deployment & Events In Batman 3rd Edition

November 23, 2019 by brennon

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We're also back with another morsel of information on what's new for Batman Miniatures Game 3rd Edition from Knight Models. This time we're talking Deployment & Events in the game.

Batman Deployment - Knight Models

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Here is what Knight Models had to say about both of these aspects of the game...

"Every dark street, every rooftop, every corner of Gotham City is filled with new challenges and dangers.

We want every game to be a new and unique experience, and so we’ve been working hard to add even more variety to the Batman Miniature Game. At the beginning of each game, players will now form the scenario by drawing from two decks of cards. One deck details the Deployment areas for the game ahead, while the other describes a thematic Event that will be in play for the game’s duration.

In addition to providing new challenges and endless replayability, you no longer need to flip to the scenario pages in the rulebook – now you will have everything to hand in two practical cards.

Of course, you can always decide to choose your cards instead…but half the fun is in adapting the surprise, and guiding your crew to victory even in unpredictable circumstances."

It does sound like they have been doing a lot to try and make the game feel more dynamic. I like the idea of them bringing lots of interesting new in-game events into the mix which start to play around with your tactics.

Batman Events - Knight Models

I do like the clean style of the cards that we're seeing here. The art looks well placed and I always like any card which includes a nice bit of flavour text.

What do you make of this element of the game?

"The art looks well placed and I always like any card which includes a nice bit of flavour text..."

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