Design Your Own Gift Of The Gods Card For Purgatory

October 9, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Our friends at Underestimated Games have been working feverishly at getting Purgatory together to send out to backers...

...and that means they're getting to the point of being able to work on additional goodies for the War For Heaven.

They are now offering the ability for you to create your very own Gift of the Gods Card for the game! The Make Me Famous - Gift of the Gods Card allows you to be the creative genius behind your own special card/ability for the game.

But what I think is even more clever, is that this won't be a card just for you. Let me break it down for you...

You can purchase your card from the Purgatory webstore and then they will reach out to you to ask key questions for them to pull your vision together. One of their artists will get to work on it and then they'll ask you to choose the ability. At this point, they will work on balancing the ability into the game. Then you get to name the card.

This is where we get to see how clever you are - but they do reserve the right to veto (it's ok to be cheeky, but not go too far). Last, but not least, they will print you 2 copies of your card. You'll receive one signed copy and one regular to insert into your deck.

My favourite part of this is that the rarity of the card will be "Legendary" which means they will print more of these, respecting the rarity, and insert them into random card packs so some lucky others will have the chance to use your awesome card.

Let us know your thoughts on these cool cards below...

What will your Gift of the Gods Card be?

"What will your Gift of the Gods Card be?"

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