Destruction & Chaos Decks Also Lined Up For Age Of Sigmar Champions

May 18, 2018 by brennon

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PlayFusion is going to be making sure that there are plenty of options open to you with Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Champions as they showed off a glimpse at the Destruction and Chaos Campaign Decks for their Trading Card Game.

Age Of Sigmar Champions - Destruction

The Destruction deck will focus on the Orruks and give you access to these wild greenskins from the Mortal Realms. Chaos, at least from this first look, seems to be based around Khorne which seems apt given their presence in the miniature game during the first outing for the story.

Age Of Sigmar Champions - Chaos

No doubt we're going to be seeing a lot more for each of these decks as we move forward. There are of course many different facets to each of these Grand Alliances which should give PlayFusion plenty of chance to explore new mechanics.

Champion Of Light

There was also a preview of one of the Champions from Order, the Celestant Prime.

Celestant Prime - Age Of Sigmar Champions

Immediately, even when knowing little about the game mechanics as a whole, the power on the card seems awesome. Being able to tutor your deck as you play is a key aspect of plenty of card games and this fellow offers that up. I reckon when I jump into this game I am certainly playing Order!

You can keep up to date with the game via their website HERE and also on Twitter too.

Are you interested in seeing where they go with Champions?

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