Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace Enters Its Kickstarter Final Days

May 16, 2019 by dracs

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Steamforged Games' board game adaptation of Devil May Cry is reaching its final days on Kickstarter.

The game is based upon The Bloody Palace mode from the recently released Devil May Cry 5. It pits the legendary devil hunters Dante, Trish, Nero, and newcomer to the series V (along with his shadows) against waves of enemies, competing to see who can be the most stylish as they dispatch the denizens of Hell.

There is only one pledge level available on the Kickstarter, the Sparda Pledge, which includes the core game as well as the three expansions.

The core game comes with loads of miniatures, ranging from the four main hunters to the hordes of enemies and even boss monsters they have to defeat.

The first of the expansions is the Walking Arsenal. This adds the devil hunter Lady to the mix, along with her selection of explosives, and new enemies for you to defeat.

Hot on her heels is the Alpha & Omega Expansion, which sees Dante's brother, and arch-rival, Virgil step into the arena.

Finally, there is the Kickstarter exclusive expansion Devil Trigger, unlocking the hunters' ultimate transformations and skills.

All of the sculpts in this game are incredible, capturing the stylish aesthetic of Devil May Cry perfectly, while also promising to have a massive table presence.

There will always be something viscerally satisfying about the Devil May Cry games. No matter how cynical I get, Dante cutting down a boss and following it up with a quippy one-liner brings a smile to my face.

The board game promises to carry over the legacy of the video games to the tabletop, with the usual focus upon style and building combos. The focus on arena combat and slaying hordes of enemies is not one that hugely captures my interest, but I can't help but love the sculpts.

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