FossilPunk Foundry Prepare For Kickstarter With Dinosaur Riding Cowboys

August 22, 2017 by thisisazrael

FossilPunk Foundry is gearing up for the launch of Sauriana, the company's new steampunk-western-dinosaur-pulp-action skirmish miniatures game.

FossilPunk Foundry Sauriana

"In 1888, the fabric of space and time was torn apart - The Interstice, a gap in the universe, rippled in the air over what was once Richmond, Surrey. Scientists soon discovered that this bizarre temporal anomaly could act as a sort of “fountain of youth” -  prehistoric fossils could be deposited into its swirling vortex, and through much engineering and experimentation, it was found that a human being’s life could be rejuvenated and extended by years or even decades when bathed in the energies released"

Today FossilPunk Foundry has previewed two of the miniatures that will be available at launch.

FossilPunk Foundry Sauriana Jamie Pipps Front

This is the Rockhound of the Othniellians faction.

The Rockhound is a cowgirl paleontologist, with a hefty revolver, a ten-gallon hat, and a rock pick in hand.

FossilPunk Foundry Sauriana Desperado

Next up is the Helltrench Desperado a renegade, dinosaur-riding, cowboy from the World's Faire faction.

The models are cast in resin in heroic 32mm scale and both of the models will be available when Sauriana goes live on Kickstarter in October.

When you start to think the Wild West can't get any more awesome, dinosaurs appear.

I think the minis are bonkers and in the best kind of way, I will certainly be watching out for the Kickstarter.

What do you think of the Sauriana reviews?

"...Helltrench Desperado a renegade, dinosaur-riding, cowboy..."

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