Krennic Enacts His Insidious Plans In FFG’s Star Wars: Legion

March 20, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has previewed a new character for the Galactic Empire to bring into play in Star Wars: Legion. Director Orson Krennic is coming to spread his own kind of terror across the galaxy.

Director Krennic - Fantasy Flight Games

This set comes with a new menacing miniature for Director Krennic alongside a range of upgrade cards for use with him in game. I really like the rather imperious look to Krennic in the sculpt, stalking forward with a blaster in hand as if he's unafraid of anything the Rebels can throw at him.

Director Krennic Spin - Fantasy Flight Games

The real strength of Krennic lies in his use as a commander rather than a combatant however, directing his troops to further feats of sacrifice in the name of the Empire. As well as coming into the game with an entourage of Death Troopers which he can order to either shield him or engage the enemy, he also comes with a range of order cards which help develop his battlefield presence.

Everything is disposable when it comes to Krennic achieving his aims and that's the flavour drawn out in the cards which you can check out in the preview in more detail.

Will you be adding Krennic into the mix?

"Everything is disposable when it comes to Krennic achieving his aims..."

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