Dystopian World Expansion Has Launched On Kickstarter From Spartan Games

November 24, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Over the past few weeks, Ben and I have posted a couple of news items regarding Spartan Games taking a survey of their fans about their next Kickstarter project. After listening to and going back to the drawing board they have now released their next project, Dystopian World Expansion.

Fans cried out for more support for the much loved Dystopian Wars game and Spartan Games answered. This project brings forth a new two-player starter set called Operation: Ice Maiden

Two of the Dystopian World’s most powerful nations come together in our awesome new two-player set as they battle for control of the Baltic Sea! Naval forces of the Prussian Empire are steaming for the fabled city of Konigsberg to relieve it from enemy attacks.

But facing them is a Russian Coalition fleet full of new war machines and led by the massive Murmansk Fleet Operations Vessel. The Prussians, however, have their own array of new ships and their secret weapon – Ice Maiden - the largest ship to ever be built in the Dystopian World that just happens to be made from an iceberg!

While the two giant ships are represented by cardstock in the starter set, but because this is Kickstarter you do not have to settle for plain old cardstock. You can upgrade your pledge to the Rear-Admiral and get some highly detailed resin models to replace the cardboard.  You can get a nice collector's hardback rulebook as well.

This campaign is designed for everyone from those looking to get into the Dystopian world and those who have been playing for quite some time.

Will you join in the battles on the high seas?

"Fans cried out for more support for the much loved Dystopian Wars game and Spartan Games answered..."

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