The Elite Salamander Navy Comes To Mantic Games’ Armada!

January 26, 2022 by brennon

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A new faction gets a contingent of ships to use on the high seas of Pannithor. The Salamanders now have access to a new Starter Fleet and more for use in Mantic Games' naval wargame, Armada.

Salamander Starter Fleet - Armada

Salamander Starter Fleet // Armada

The Salamanders have a small but elite navy that features towering ships. There might be few of them but each of these ships can pack a punch when in the heat of battle. Each ship is captained by an Arkosaur; knowledge of sailing at the core of their being. They haven't changed their ship designs in millennia but that hasn't stopped them from being a formidable army on the high seas.

The Starter Fleet comes with a Tyrant, J'Koor'Uk and Komodon to get you started in the game. If that just isn't enough in the way of ships then you can throw this Booster Fleet into the mix as well...

Salamander Booster Fleet - Armada

Salamander Booster Fleet // Armada

The Booster Fleet comes with more resin ships. You get a Herald, J'Koor'Uk and a Warden Squadron. You can also cap things off for your Salamanders collection with the towering Drake which comes absolutely armed to the teeth.

Salamander Drake - Armada

Salamander Drake // Armada

This Drake can also be built as the Kthorlaq’s Shield if you wanted a named option in your fleet. This is an immense ship, covered in guns. It also features a crew of Corsairs who are adept at boarding actions, able to pick off commanders and elite troops before they even hit the opposing deck.

Scorchwings are also flying into the fighting from above. It can be handy to have a big flaming bird above your heads in the heat of battle!

Salamander Fliers Pack - Armada

Salamander Fliers Pack // Armada

This set caps things off for the Salamanders currently with a resin Phoenix and Scorchwing in the set for you to choose from. I quite like the purity of a classic naval engagement without the addition of fliers but they certainly add to the Fantasy elements of Armada. I couldn't really say no to dragons and the like, could I?

Revamped Dwarf Fliers!

Finally, we also have a newly resculpted and tweaked set of Dwarf Fliers. The initial previews of these miniatures didn't go down too well but they have been updated and can now join Armada.

Dwarf Fliers Pack - Armada

Dwarf Fliers Pack // Armada

This set now comes with a mighty Noble Raven watching over your fleet and a slow but purposeful Iron Dirigible which will hove into view and blast you apart. These certainly feel more in keeping with the look of the Dwarfs and suit their aesthetic nicely.

Are you tempted to dive Armada a go as the Salamanders? Do you have another faction in mind already?

"Are you tempted to dive Armada a go as the Salamanders?"

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