Exclusive! Lucid Eye Working On New Draconic Project With Julien Delval

October 4, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye is expanding their range once more as they are working with another artist on a fantastic new project. Julien Delval is a fantastic illustrator who has worked on board game artwork as well as traditional pieces and he is now designing a fantastic new Draconic character for them.

Julien Delval Art - Lucid Eye

This is a taster of the kind of art that Delval has produced before, packed full of little details and working with plenty of Fantastical and Historical elements. You might also have seen his artwork adorning the covers of games like Ticket To Ride, Castles Of Burgundy and Memoir '44. Check out his work HERE.

However, he is now bringing a miniature to life with Lucid Eye and has turned his incredible skills to this amazing Draconic Warrior.

Julien Delval Draconic Finished - Lucid Eye

By Julien Delval (Lucid Eye Publications 2018)

We've already seen how well Lucid Eye works with other artists with the Jim FitzPatrick line-up. Each of their models is an almost exact take on the artwork, mirroring their work very well indeed. I have a lot of faith in them to do the same kind of justice to Delval's art here.

That is a rather awesome piece and I can't wait to see how this translates over into a miniature. The tail holding up the figure is going to be a challenge I reckon, especially balancing that against the rest of the model.

Will you be keeping an eye on this one?

"I have a lot of faith in them to do the same kind of justice to Delval's art here..."

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