Experience the Force in Latest Star Wars Card Game Expansion

January 21, 2014 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games are releasing a new expansion set for Star Wars: The Card Game. It is time to experience the Force as It Binds All Things.

It Binds All Things

It Binds All Things introduces a whole load of new cards to this deck building game, including new options like a Jedi Leia Organa (tell me that isn't cool) and Loyal Wookiees.

It Binds All Things Cards

These new additions should allow you to dominate the powers of the Force in the game. However, the forces of Scum and Villainy have options to bring down your Force focused troops, such as the iconic bounty hunter droid IG-88.


Do you play the Star Wars Card Game? Is this an expansion that could prove useful to your strategies?

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