Obey The Law Or Face Artel W’s Riot Control Squad

October 15, 2018 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has designed a new set of tough law enforcement officers of the far future. Here we have the LEU: Riot Control Squad.

Riot Control Squad #1 - Artel W

A number of these miniatures are included within the set and each can be fashioned out of a number of different components too. You have various weapon, arm, head and body options each with their own brutal edge to them.

Riot Control Squad #2 - Artel W

If you're getting into a game like Kill Team, for example, these would be a great alternative for you to use instead of Tempestus Scions. You could use them as the base for this faction and then build them as Arbites instead.

Riot Control Squad #3 - Artel W

I like that we're also seeing a bunch of female miniatures that have been designed to look feminine without having to resort to little or no armour. You can easily tell who they are, even when they're wearing their chunky helmets.

Here's a look at some of the component parts you get to construct these soldiers.

Riot Control Squad Components - Artel W

How would you go about painting up these models for the tabletop and would you go with helmets or no helmets?

Drop your thoughts into the comments below!

"...would you go with helmets or no helmets?"

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